Testing, testing 1- 2


This word can bring a shudder to even the toughest of humans. There are tests of all kinds, but there are the tests that change your life. I.E. health tests.

The last two months have been filled with all sorts of tests, preliminary that I actively sought and requested. “You have to be your own best advocate,” my mom has always said. And thus, I have been. Having someone in my life go through cancer not once, not twice, but now thrice, it brings to mind all that we so often take for granted. It’s brought clarity into my daily considerations for choosing a perspective of happiness. I looked at each preliminary test as a gift of sorts. Each test gave me the opportunity to put my health first and also have a very minor glimpse into what my sister has gone through in her whirl wind year.

So I’m not really sure where I’m going with all of this, but let it be known, going through cancer, surviving, smiling, and coping are some of the most challenging mountains a person can face in their life.

I feel so grateful for my family. I always knew that I had a special connection with my big sis, but now I know, crazy genes, wacky cells, hair or no hair, nothing can break a bond of love. I can’t wait to give her a hug in person and share stories together. There is something to be said about being face to face with the person you love and holding their hand through a rough moment in time. This will be my purpose at the end of the month thanks to supportive parents and husband. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and say I love you.

Debbie and I

Next time you have the gift of being near one that you love, take advantage of it. Revel in the moments you share. ┬áSay how much they mean to you and give them an extra long hug. Life is a daily gift that we are provided with. Make a positive decision to choose happiness and throw some smiley sparkles towards a stranger. You never know how it might change their day…Sparkle on, and soon, sparkles from Hong Kong with my sister.

debbie and i painting