New Waves

This beach, this sand, these tides hold a sacred place in my heart.

Love, loss, healing and health are the key components to describe what this coast has helped me with. A year ago I sat on this beach contemplating what life as a mother would be like. I was full of hope, and nerves for what lay ahead. A small part of me had never fully released the fear that I might not have the chance to be in the position I was in, but it had happened and I was overwhelmed to share it all with the one person I couldn’t talk to. I cried, I breathed in and I breathed out. I let the waves drown out my remaining fear and the sea spray dry my tears.

Being able to bring our son to visit this beach makes me feel as though we are visiting Debbie, in a way. In my mind, a section of this beach, surrounded by the beautiful Neahkanie mountain and forest lays my sister’s beautiful spirit. She’s in the air and soaring over the trees. With each wave’s lap I felt the steady rhythm of my heart relax. I surrendered to the moment. I felt my breath, his heartbeat, and our love.