Toothpaste Cap Confessional

Why is it when I am really tired I drop things?

In response to such a question the Sheldon Cooper in the audience would raise his hand and launch into a diatribe about the physical analysis of the space continuum between my hand, the toothpaste, and the gravitational pull, but I shut off that channel in my brain and chase after the damn cap.


Bathrooms are when we really let our freak flags fly now aren’t they? And I don’t say that to be funny. Don’t be weird and start thinking nudity-tootie thoughts, but they are.

I mean, sometimes I don’t want to wash my hair, ok?! Ok?! Maybe for 3 days, I don’t wanna deal with it. If you have a lot of it, it gets wet it has to be shampooed, conditioned, toweled off, lathered with serum, gently tousled or combed, dried, straightened, pinned, clipped, tied, yanked, re-twisted, the list continues on with a blah, blah, blah….(yes I am thankful for the hairs on my head, don’t think that I’m not), BUT, this is my confessional, I can say what I want to.

So you know what I bought? A shower cap. Not just a boring old, clear plastic cap, but a baby butt pink shower cap with a pink satin-y ribbon along the outer rim with cute bunching that extends for about two inches.  It looks like something Strawberry Short Cake would wear proudly in her cartoons.


Maybe I bought it for that reason.

I mean, COME ON, who doesn’t wanna act out their childhood fantasy of being strawberry shortcake?! Cute freckles with red hair, pink floral print dresses, and besides my plastic figurines smelled like strawberries and sugar when you rubbed them…ok I’ve gone too far and stepped into the land of, “T.M.I.” but now you know.

I wear the shower cap and I look like the adult version of myself and I feel like I have a giant cupcake on my head and I love it.

So back to the brushing or was it the cap? Bristles out, hair in a twist, panties not in a bunch, that’s it for this toothpaste confessional.

Peace out and sparkle on with your flags ‘a flyin’.