Achoo… … …


When someone sneezes, I generally respond with the above, or with salud! But not when someone coughs on me. I know, you’re wondering, why achoo when it was a cough that I choose to mention in italics? Meh, I do not know I decided to go with achoo and then commence with my cough story. I write the blog, sometimes I do not make sense. OK, a lot of the time I have random thoughts that make no sense at all.

I find it disgusting when adults cough and do not cover their mouths.

Enter rant: when checking things out from the library today, yes, I still go to the library. Little known facts about moi: I know my library card number by heart but not my driver’s license number. Discuss….

The individual checking out my items coughed, not once, but twice….on, me. EW! I have this inability to refrain from making a face when I am experiencing an emotion of distress, especially at the end of a long day. Unless of course, I am acting, which of course is a different story. <sarcasim drip turned off>

I mean seriously people, “COVER YOUR MOUTHS!” If my students learned how to cover their mouths by the age of 9, you can do so as well. “Cough, cough, ooh,” and then the human covered their mouth after seeing my disgusted expression. Which I immediately felt remorse for, perhaps for only a mili-second, and then I turned the other way and held my breath, because I’m that person. What they heck? I do not understand those that choose to share their germs willingly.

Now a story…

My best friend and I were once sleeping in the same bed while on a weekend excursion. (Don’t be weird about it.) Apparently I turned towards her in my sleep, went, “ACHOOOO,” in a high pitched voice, and then sealed it with a, “Mmmm nom nom,” sound and continued with my sleeping with the most contented facial expression. She, upon being sneezed on responded with, “What the hell?!” And high tailed it with a blanket to the basement room. “Hahhahhaahaha,” I still laugh about her recollection to this day.
So what does this random story have to do with anything? Not much. Just the point being, unless you are sleeping, cover your mouth.

No one wants to share your germs. So just be considerate people. We’re all stuck in the same circulated airborne pathogen environment, cover your dang mouth already!

This could also be used when cranky words are chosen to be shared before 10 am, but I would not want to digress…

So I shall leave you with this statement I share daily with students: I love you, not your germs, cover your mouth  (said in a lowered tone of voice) for theatrical purposes of course.

Sparkles your sneezes on, or would that be sneeze your sparkles on?! OH, forget it.

Mirror Mirror

Upon first glance it is a piece of glass. It may be as formidable as it might appear, but look closer. Gaze into the depths and study oneself. When provided with an opportunity for reflection, always breathe deeply and exhale. Each exhale you expel is your truth.

When reflecting back upon a year, what is a time frame anyway? A way to mark the days that we are granted with on this rotating bit of a solar system…but let’s not get too philosophical shall we? It is me speaking to myself though, so rather…I’ll pass on that random thought.

Glancing back over the moments that took my breath away in the last year 2014 or 5775 for those who follow the Jewish calendar year… 🙂 I’ve realized some things. I’ll compose them into a cohesive list of my rambling thoughts for your pleasure. Here goes, breathe deeply and exhale:

Universal language:  When given an opportunity to smile, always do so. It is a symbol that can take you farther than you would expect and also renew humanity’s faith in one another.

Gratitude: Sharing and receiving this is absolutely invaluable and always provides a warmth in one’s heart either way.

Humility: Show and share your gifts in a manner that will always make those you share them with smile. Showing humility presents your graceful manner and wisdom of age.

Humility 2: Learn how to ask for help, reach out and take another’s hand when it is presented.

Fear: This is the grim reaper of life that is always ready to cut you off from a lesson, if you allow it to. Instead, turn around and face it head on. Stand tall, breathe in, and release. The shadow will dissipate as you continue without it.

Love: Always choose love. A wise friend’s mother once told me to always consider, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be reconciled?” Choosing love, having faith in the opportunity to love other human beings is always, always the right choice.

Prayer and Meditation: Whatever form you choose will always refresh and renew your soul. After listening to Oprah’s book, “What I know for sure,” I realized a few things about my faith and ability to pray. Sacred moments in life can be whatever you hold dear to your heart in that present day. Perhaps it is holding the hand of a child who needs help, or listening closely when someone is speaking to you. Sometimes I take just a few moments at the beginning of my work day to stare out at the clouds and birds overhead before going into my little classroom. Remind yourself that you are important, your life is valuable, and that purpose is what you make of the day laid out before you.

Faith: This has been an elemental part of my year. Knowing that a belief in positive thinking could change my life has done just that. I believed in opportunities and positive thought, and so much changed.  As challenging as it was, it all transpired and I live to tell the tale.

Friendship: All of the people in my life play key roles.  Each person I hold close to my heart knows how I feel about them.  If there is anything that I have learned this last year it would be this, be honest and caring in every situation.

When I was a little girl I used to wonder why certain friends would come in and out of my life. As a teenager my friendships were my world, or so I thought. As a young adult, I realized that the most essential component to friendship was honesty and love. As an adult, I know now that each friendship is unique and yet, vulnerable. It is this vulnerability that I love and admire; for this is where growth occurs and our love blossoms.

Family: The core of my existence comes from my family.  Every day I feel thankful that I am close to them, that they provide me with experiences, guidance, and love.

Gratitude for the year:

I am so proud of my husband and all that he accomplished this year and how he’ll continue with his journey through this next year. I feel grateful every day that I have a partner who challenges me, always shows compassion and love, and shares most importantly, humor, through every situation. I love you Andy.

For my parents I am indebted to their generosity, support, and love.

For my sister/s and brother in laws, I am overjoyed for all the memories that we have shared and will share this next year. For my sister Debbie: you have shown me that life is about having the ability to believe the best, even when it seems that despair is knocking on your door. Your strength, perseverance, and friendship remind me daily about the most essential elements of life.  I love you so much, always have, and always will.

For my nephew and nieces I am grateful for the laughs, light hearted lessons, and love.

Sometimes life gives you lemons and you have to work really, really hard to make lemonade. But if you keep pushing through, the sun will shine through that dang glass and it’ll be the best lemonade you’ve ever tasted.


Sparkle on friends.