Achoo… … …


When someone sneezes, I generally respond with the above, or with salud! But not when someone coughs on me. I know, you’re wondering, why achoo when it was a cough that I choose to mention in italics? Meh, I do not know I decided to go with achoo and then commence with my cough story. I write the blog, sometimes I do not make sense. OK, a lot of the time I have random thoughts that make no sense at all.

I find it disgusting when adults cough and do not cover their mouths.

Enter rant: when checking things out from the library today, yes, I still go to the library. Little known facts about moi: I know my library card number by heart but not my driver’s license number. Discuss….

The individual checking out my items coughed, not once, but twice….on, me. EW! I have this inability to refrain from making a face when I am experiencing an emotion of distress, especially at the end of a long day. Unless of course, I am acting, which of course is a different story. <sarcasim drip turned off>

I mean seriously people, “COVER YOUR MOUTHS!” If my students learned how to cover their mouths by the age of 9, you can do so as well. “Cough, cough, ooh,” and then the human covered their mouth after seeing my disgusted expression. Which I immediately felt remorse for, perhaps for only a mili-second, and then I turned the other way and held my breath, because I’m that person. What they heck? I do not understand those that choose to share their germs willingly.

Now a story…

My best friend and I were once sleeping in the same bed while on a weekend excursion. (Don’t be weird about it.) Apparently I turned towards her in my sleep, went, “ACHOOOO,” in a high pitched voice, and then sealed it with a, “Mmmm nom nom,” sound and continued with my sleeping with the most contented facial expression. She, upon being sneezed on responded with, “What the hell?!” And high tailed it with a blanket to the basement room. “Hahhahhaahaha,” I still laugh about her recollection to this day.
So what does this random story have to do with anything? Not much. Just the point being, unless you are sleeping, cover your mouth.

No one wants to share your germs. So just be considerate people. We’re all stuck in the same circulated airborne pathogen environment, cover your dang mouth already!

This could also be used when cranky words are chosen to be shared before 10 am, but I would not want to digress…

So I shall leave you with this statement I share daily with students: I love you, not your germs, cover your mouth  (said in a lowered tone of voice) for theatrical purposes of course.

Sparkles your sneezes on, or would that be sneeze your sparkles on?! OH, forget it.

2 thoughts on “Achoo… … …

  1. I am listening to a new audiobook and the narrator said “I became a germophobe because I can’t afford to get sick.” Hear hear… I’m noticing many people with colds on the bus, at school, etc… wearing mask anytime I can away from school. YUCK people… don’t need/want your germs! xx

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