Socks, Day 19

Nineteen means almost a count down to 10!!!!

Who doesn’t love socks? I mean truly, they are the all time easy gift to give and receive!  It’s not a secret that I have quite an extensive collection and or obsession with socks. I realized this when I was in middle school. I was required to wear white socks for my choir uniform. I did not own plain white socks. We had fun rainbow colored socks, printed socks, argyle socks, tights, polka dotted socks, but not WHITE socks.

It all started when we began celebrating Valentines day. Instead of giving us chocolate and candy, our mom decided to begin a tradition of giving socks for fun holidays.

Right, Debbie?! 🙂

We both have a plethora to choose from a few years after the tradition began. When I visited her in H.K. I came bearing a gift with 2 pairs of socks for us!  Naturally, they were fun ones with a print and pattern. I arrived on Halloween and we wore multi-colored wigs with our multi-colored festive socks.

Stated in Valley Girl accent: “We, are so cool! I know, right?” 

There isn’t a time in my life when I don’t feel it not appropriate to wear crazy socks, leggings, and socks, or stockings and socks. I mean, life’s too short not to layer people. So layer it up! Be bold with your bad self and get your socks on!

Well, I have a secret…the trend is spreading. I swear we started it though. I walked into the dollar tree a couple of weeks ago, because THAT’S what you do when you are a teacher on the hunt for a sale of creative supplies.

And BAM, there was a whole rack of, wait for it….

wait for it….(to quote Barney Stinson, aka, best character on, “How I Met Your Mother.”)



It would have been funny if I spelled it wrong…hahahaha, oh wait, mainly in my head it was funny, or quite possibly had it been read aloud, or as a monologue. Oh, never mind.

But seriously, it’s catching. I give socks to people I love.

I gave all of my family socks for the holidays, I gave my husband what I THOUGHT were cool bike gear socks, he says robot, potato, potato-h. I even found fuzzy moose socks for mom. I gave my bff socks, I mean the list could tick on forever. If the cat would wear socks, she’d have socks too.

I think one of my favorite sock finds was ninga socks for my dear friend who is an amazing life ninga, I love her to pieces.

With all this being said…socks are great. BUT YOU, Debbie are greater. I love you! I love that you wear socks with your sandals, and I embrace the sock wearing, and do the same on occasion. We just can’t help it, we get cold, we’re from Alaska. You dress in layers to be prepared! Go hunt down some socks and have a fantabulous-errrrrrrrr-ific weekend! You deserve it! I love you!! 🙂

Photo on 2-12-15 at 10.32 PM

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