Gratitude and writing

“Gratitude: a feeling of appreciation or thanks,” per the Webster Dictionary.

Someone recognized my writing from across the blogosphere on the inter-web land!  The timing was perfect. It’s been a rollercoaster of a month. Carl, thank you for your recognition and kindness!!

One thing I truly appreciate about your writing Carl is your candid honesty and perseverance for life displayed through your writing. Friends who may be reading this who perhaps have not happened across his work, go check out his blog:

It’s been an interesting month, or few weeks rather, of my life. My days with summer have been quite wonderful, but also sprinkled with many other emotional moments, and realizations. Here are a few in fine list fashion:


1. Life may hand me lemons, it’s hard to make lemonade at times, but I do it anyway and I am grateful for it.

2. Sometimes I accidentally hurt my body, my feet for instance, and then I realize just how grateful I am are for those body parts and all that they do for me.

3. Hearing dreadful news about my sister’s health, but I felt grateful for her impending return home; and finally getting that hug we both needed.

4. Learning how to refocus my mind’s motivation is quite challenging, and finding gratitude for the daily to-do’s has helped me seek comfort.

5. Not allowing someone else’s desires to penetrate my mind with their negativity is a work in progress and that is ok.

6. Realizing that gifts are to be shared regardless of the audience’s motivation, or reception.

7. The learning curve can be quite steep when not in one’s own comfort zone.

8. It’s important to push yourself to do one new thing every day. Maybe parking in a new spot in that same bloody parking lot, but it was something new! There’s always a different perspective to be had in life, as small as it may be.

9. The cat will always want to be fed, the dog will want to go on a walk, so I need to get up.

10. Working out, dancing, running, jogging, and walking always help make my days more pleasurable, my emotions more regulated, and my attitude much, much more positive. “Nobody likes a crab, so go take your crab legs out for a dang walk and let it go!”

*I am wishing all of you sunshine and some cool toned rain to wash away any sadness that may be had.Thanks for reading some of my not so sparkly and sparkly thoughts.Look up at the sky today and enjoy those breaths of air. *

Sky photo

3 thoughts on “Gratitude and writing

  1. Rachel Ann, I just happened to stop over, and feel so bad that I missed this. This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. THANK YOU SO MUCH, for your very, very kind words.

    Those 10 truths that you shared are so profound. WOW!! Extremely meaningful words, on the preciousness of life.

    Thank you Rachael Ann. I am very, very touched!

    ~Carl~ ❤


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