Sharing is Caring – a blogging #MeetandGreet

Come join a way to start more conversations and share one another’s writing. 🙂

Memee's Musings

#MeetandGreet introductionsI joined my first meet and greet over at Dream Big, Dream Often who had reblogged from Lessons from my Daughter. There were only 4 simple rules, and I am not one for rules, the less the better and I modify when I must. In this case, I modified only the “reblog” by creating my own post and pinging the originators, otherwise I stuck to the rules… this time.

The Rules

I am not big on rules but here is how I see this going.

1. Like this posting.

2. In the comments, introduce yourself, put a link to your blog (if you have one) and put a link to a blog you enjoy reading.

3. Reblog this post so more people can see it and share their blogs.

4. Come back and discover new blogs.

I promise to visit every link posted in the comments or pingbacks and…

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5 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring – a blogging #MeetandGreet

  1. I think I thanked you for the reblog on my page, but just in case I did not, thank you!

    I have been enjoying your writing and I am truly appreciative of the woman and teacher you are. You are exactly the kind of teacher our students need. Obviously you love your kids and love teaching. I hope you never lose that. Now, on to this post…

    The dog. I hate it when I see cruelty of any kind, but especially when it is what we consider “small”, such as the man’s actions. I am sure he has never had even a moment of wondering if that action is cruel and I am sure he probably repeats the action with every walk. It’s a sad thing that so many people do not want to be aware of their actions and thereby do hurtful things to others without understanding that they are impacting that person (or animals) self esteem or belief systems.

    The cat… I loved the humor in it. Most especially the moment where you believed he was pointing at your outrageous underfeeding. Shame on you! LOL

    And I love the letter you received. I hope you printed a copy for yourself and maybe frame it, keep it near your desk at home to remind you in the future, at low moments, that you really are making a difference!


    1. Of course, I like the reblogging option! 🙂 Aw, thanks for the feedback. I like it! I concur with you, people just don’t think, it concerns me greatly.
      I should print out the little letter, adorable child and thinking process. 🙂

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      1. You really should. There are not as many true rewards in life as there should be which is what leads us to ask, “why do I even bother?” A letter like that answers the question with the added bonus of giving you the warm fuzzies for yourseld and your job.

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