The Versatile Blogger Award, Rachel’s take

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First of all, I’d like to thank the academy, “Applause…. applause, thunderous….” Ok, no but really… I would like to thank the blogging community. As a shy introverted sometimes extrovert, generally through my thinking, I have found a voice through my writing. It’s been AMAZING to connect with fellow bloggers and realize that we can support, uplift, and encourage one another through the means of clicking, reading, and responding. I love it. So thank you so much new friends for reading and sharing.

Thank you stephellaneous for being supportive and inspiring. Acknowledging one another’s thoughts and feelings has been awesome. Rock on, or should I say, write on! 🙂 Here is a little bit more about this award:

Seven+2 tid bits about moi:

  1. Sometimes I sing amazing concerts in the shower that can cover a vast array of genres that may or many not include: Jazz, opera, musical theatre, punk, rock and roll, pop, torch songs, standards, songs in Hebrew, Disney….It could be an embarrassingly long list.
  2. Continuing the music theme: I once won $100 cash in a karaoke contest I had no idea that I entered. I went to the restroom after a few songs passed after my last song. A woman bursts into the bathroom shouting, “ARE YOU STILL HERE?!” I left the stall and proceeded to the sink, she gulped,”OH GOOD, don’t leave cuz (wink) I think you’re gonna win!” I squinted at myself as I am doing so now in the dark of my bedroom staring into the lit screen before me. “What?” I left the bathroom and proceeded back to my friends. Sparing a few details…I beat out my husband, and I won the cash prize, who knew? I never even realized that a random Chinese restaurant in a tiny town in Oregon could make for such a profitable visit. Moral to this #2 share is: I win karaoke contests. 😉
  3. When I was a tiny kidlet I could turn the waterworks on quite well. So said my sister, she called them, “Crocodile tears.” When feeling sensitive about something, it is still my defense mechanism. I’m more like the character Rachel Greene from Friends than I care to admit. 
  4. Sometimes I stay up ALL night to finish a book. One text that was worth doing so for was, “Night,” by Elie Wiesel. Haven’t read it? Read it. 
  5. I repeat stories. I learn through stories. I love to connect through stories, and to share through my usage of empathy.
  6. I teach little people during the day, I can tap dance a bit, mainly I dance in sneakers, or bare feet most nights. I sing on the weekends, and I type a lot.
  7. I love the phrase, “Life’s too short kid, don’t sweat the small stuff.” Thanks Dad.
  8. I’ve made a concerted effort the last year to ALWAYS greet any cashier, sales rep, or customer service employee with a smile and ask them how they are doing. Sometimes I find them caught off guard, while others happily chat with me about something random. I love it. The random particulars in life, and the conversations are what make these little moments in humanity wonderful. 
  9. I do this a lot: Smile. 🙂 It makes other people wonder or consider the following: “What is she up to?”  “What’s she so smiley for?”  “Why is she smiling….Oh I bet I know!”  “Ooooh I feel like smiling too.”  “She’s got something in her teeth…should I tell her? Naw…. :-P”

I nominate/recommend checking out the following people/bloggers who are awesome. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award, Rachel’s take

  1. Oo oo yay, new bloggies to check out!

    I love love love your facts. They’re yet more proof of why I love your blog and what makes you awesome! And dude, showers are totally made for singing. I thought that’s why they were invented. But heaven help anyone that may overhear me. Because though I love to sing, I shouldn’t. 😉

    P.S. Night is definitely mandatory reading. To anyone happening upon this comment – please heed her word. Read that book.

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  2. Enjoyed your variety of tidbits there. The karaoke bit is something I could never do – kudos on beating out your husband! I have stayed up way too late to read (these days I find it puts me to sleep though but I miss it), and I too like to greet people and get that surprise reaction. I always want to make someone else smile! Thanks much for the nomination, will have to see when I can get to it as I’m fighting a nasty head cold. Be well!

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  3. First, thanks for the nomination.

    I love the moral to story #2: You win karaoke contests. I wouldn’t ever have the nerve to sing Karaoke… not even drunk. I don’t sing in the shower though I have always heard everyone’s voice sounds the best in the shower. I do however always sing in the car (unless I have a passenger that is not my son)… I also dance in the driver’s seat but that’s a whole other story.

    Because it has been nominated and seconded, I will be putting Night by Elie Wiesel on my to read list.

    And lastly, did I not tell you that I had nominated you for the Room 101 award? It’s a fun one with interesting insight into the workings of the nominee’s mind.
    Here’s the link: Room 101 award/nomination

    ☀ Memee

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