Styling Librarian: Special Book Feature The Bullet Catch

Can’t wait to share this book with a student in my classroom. Follow my sister’s blog, it’ll be posting for weeks to come, the planner she was. ❤

The Styling Librarian

Every once in a while a special book comes my way and I want to celebrate it… here’s one I couldn’t resist featuring:

The Bullet Catch – Murder by Misadventure by Amy Axelrod and David Axelrod – Historical Fiction/Mystery – 4th grade and up – I read this book aloud to my son and it was fantastic. There were shorter chapters at times which helped with the read aloud element. There were characters my son immediately connected with and was concerned about. There was fascinating elements throughout from learning about the life of a pickpocket in the early 20th century New York City. My son’s favorite elements by far were the magician portions. We read about a magician who never really was as popular as he dreamed he would be. This magician was friends with so many interesting people including Harry Houdini. There were tests of friendship, risks of trust…

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