May the Force be with You

Beautiful, insightful, wise Momo’s take on NYC actor life is inspirational. Go read my friend’s blog! ❤

Manhattan According to Mo

I admit, I have not seen the new Star Wars movie, so the title of this post is very misleading.  Therefore if you were reading this post in hopes I’d be reviewing the latest installment in this intergalactic series, you should probably stop reading right about now.  Sorry not sorry.  The force I am referring to is energy/stamina and the you I am referring to is any non-union actor living in the NYC area prepping themselves in a mad frenzy to audition for the upcoming theater season.

So here are some things I have been doing to keep myself sane emotionally in this hustle called audition season.

1. Take time to do something active and fun— go for a walk in central park, go ice-skating, do something non-theater related to remind you that your life is more than a 10×12 audition holding room.IMG_4254

2. Make time to see other…

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