Furry supporters

Currently my life revolves around nursing our wee babe. Apparently my furry babies also feel that, in being supportive sisters, it is their duty to partake in baby care.

Evidence as follows…🐾

Our cat Bella is 13 years old. She was our first fur baby. She has always been supportive and accepted Kimmy, her puppy sister into our home a year plus ago.

Kimmy dog warmly accepted the baby into her pack when I was seven months pregnant. She started refusing to run more than a mile with my husband. She would come to a complete stop whilst on a run. She would then turn around and pull him towards home. Previously she was a five mile runner. Soon after that she wouldn’t even go on a walk without me being with them. Presently she will go on walks again, but only if we are all together. Her intuition is very strong and she is a sweetheart of a loyal pup.

If baby boy cries Kimmy comes running to his side. She will often nose us and then try to lick his head, toes or hand comforting him as she knows how.

Animals often intuitively know when their human needs something. The day I went into labor both furry girls snuggled close to me in bed and wouldn’t leave my side through early contractions. Love can be translated through species. ❤️

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