Nursing book club

When our son was born I had no idea what nursing would entail. Like many ventures in life, my motto was: take it one day at a time. Then days became weeks and weeks became months. I realized how much bonding time it was with not only my son, but also myself.

At about one month of age, I decided to start a new goal along with breast feeding, a reading goal. I lacked time, and stamina once baby was sleeping, to focus on reading. I needed to find a time when I was am to concentrate and could enjoy reading. I also realized what a better use of my time it was to read while feeding my baby versus wasting time on social media.

I started out by picking up, A Dog’s Purpose, and found myself glancing at our dog Kimmy who was always by my side. What was she thinking? I would wonder, as she curled herself in behind the rocking chair while LDB napped in my arms.

Next up was, My Grandmother Told Me To Tell You She’s Sorry. I felt a strong connection to the narrator. Perhaps it was her spunk or lack of tact, but she reminded me of someone. I could never put my finger on it. Perhaps it was a combination of many children I had taught all rolled into one glorious creation of a fictional character.

Following that up with the next novel was a startling contrast, but great read none the less. The Alice Network, painted a world I had known little of. Set during WWI France the web of characters, strong heroines and unlikely combinations of people, I was enthralled with the plot from start to finish. Albeit it intriguing, there were parts of this novel I found challenging to read, especially descriptions of pain or torture. I found myself wondering about the next part each time I put the book down.

I made the smooth transition out of WWI and into WWII with, The Clockmakers Daughter. One of my favorite authors is Kate Morton. I always feel so connected to her characters that they seem almost tangible to me. Whispering voices of a cast running through my mind, I closed the last chapter and was ready to read more. My mom and I agreed that perhaps there will be more to it? Time will tell.

I made a swift shift into the decade of the 1990’s, set in the Middle East in the next novel, Reading Lolita in Tehran. Currently I am engaged in reading of this book club of book clubs, I feel ever grateful to be a woman who does not live under a totalitarian regime.

I took a brief pause on that book to start and end, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I can say I am in love with Dawsey and the whole of the island itself. I would take an excursion there in a heartbeat, and I can still hear Juliet’s narrative voice in my head.

It’s back to the streets of Tehran for now, and many more books rise on the horizon. I thank my baby, and my body for allowing us this simple time to bond, read, and nourish body and soul with love and literature.

Perhaps I’ll inspire you to pick up a new book? You can always find a few minutes here, or there. 📚

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