Memory Challenge Day 1

I had an epiphany the other day in a dance class. Well, most of them come during those moments when I really get in my head…

My sister is embarking on another leg of her journey this next week. I wanted to do something to help. I wish I could be there every day to hang out, help however I could, hold her hand, but H.K. is too far away. Alas and sigh….So I thought, what if I posted a daily memory in the form of a blog, for her to have something to look forward to before or after each radiation treatment? I can only imagine the difficulty she endures with every treatment.


Interesting word choice isn’t it?  Honestly, take the base word “treat” out of it people, there’s nothing treat-like about any cancer therapy. Yes we are thankful there are options, and yes I acknowledge the importance of this next course that is impending, 30 to go and counting. However, base concept, it sucks. Without superfluous and flouncy words, it sucks. It’s like that song in Avenue Q, “It sucks to be me,” just omit the me, change be to have, and me with cancer.

If she has to be challenged physically and mentally on a daily basis to face these treatments and believe in her body’s ability to fight off the toxic cells, I can challenge myself in a positive way for both of us. Challenge the memory to focus on the positives about parts of life we have shared together. So in so many words, I’ll be posting a lot throughout the week. If you’re wondering why, this is your f.y.i.

I firmly believe in the power of positive thinking. So thinking and positivity I shall send.

My challenge to you my friends is this: what can you do to challenge yourself positively to focus on in your life?  What are the things you have gratitude for? Who would you run to in this moment and never let go of if you had the strength to do so? What would you say if you allowed yourself to push away all limitations and fear? Consider this your opportunity. Seek out your truths and rid yourself of fears.

Sparkle on in your own journey.

6 thoughts on “Memory Challenge Day 1

  1. Make your smile everlasting,
    And bury your frown down deep,
    Let your laughter fill the air
    And anger stay asleep.

    Think thoughts of lasting gladness,
    And keep your dreams of hate at bay,
    If you just seek the positive,
    Life will be that way.

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