Stickers for Day 3

Raise your hand if you love stickers! “I DO, I DO!” Pick me!!! Oh wait, what’s the prize? Hi, my name’s Rachel ANNNNNNNNNNNND I have a sticker problem. No seriously, it all started with, my sister.

See, she had this thing about stickers. She collected them. In an album. OHHHHHH secret is out, “Oh no you didn’t…” I know, I just did.

“Snap, snap, snap,” in a Z formation!


I have the album for safe keeping in my library, aka, the room with only book shelves in our house. Now, the explanation for this room is left for another post.

Flood in the memory: I remember her sitting on her bed, the beautiful blue floral Laura Ashley wall paper a familiar back drop to the coolest room in the world, my big sister’s. We were sitting there and she was showing me her album.

“Here are the colorful ones, these ones are iridescent, here are some holograms….rainbows and unicorns…. Oh let’s see, stars, scratch and sniff, (followed by scratching and sniffing the stickers of course),” and then oh wait, “You won’t like this section.” Me snappily replying, “Wait, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I wanna see!” (Circa me age 5 or so give or take a year.)

Debbie: “Really, you wanna see the Garbage Pail Kid stickers? I thought you said they were gross.”

Me contemplating that she was right, but not wanting to admit that entirely ended the conversation of show and tell which was followed by complete and utter silence.

She was right.

She’s always been right.

Moral of the story is kids: listen to your sister, and collect stickers.

Needless to say, I share stickers with my students every day, I put stickers on every card I mail out, and I have a special bag of them and an album, or two. Don’t judge us. We like stickers and who doesn’t?!

So, next time you pass some stickers whilst shopping for what have you, think to yourself, “Hmmmm, could you brighten up your life with that sparkly set of stars?” Answer being, of course you can!  Enjoy!

I love you Debbie, sparkle on!


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