Bleach Day 4

How many of you have bleached your own clothing before?

Remember acid washed jeans? Do you see flashbacks from the late ’80’s to early 1990’s? Well, I do. And I remember your white Reebok high tops, with the amazing three velcro straps embellishing those shoes, now those were something weren’t they?!

Growing up in our house we had all the bedrooms upstairs and the laundry room downstairs. The cool thing about our bathroom was that we had a laundry chute. Sometimes we used it as a means for communication. How many of you had laundry chutes?! Is this just a thing of the past or what? I mean seriously, I did not see one laundry chute in all of our house hunting in Portland. Hmmmm, I have digressed.

Back to the bleach.

So, I have established the setting, laundry room downstairs, bedrooms upstairs. Nosy little sister upstairs in her room. Sister told her to stay upstairs and play, she was walking up and down the stairs and had directed me to stay AWAY from the stairs. Apparently, she was bringing up mini-cups of bleach to the bathroom…. One at a time.

Ha ha ha.

Do you see where this is going?

I stood in my door way and watched her falter at the top step. Bah. Drip, drop, plop.

Bleach on the carpet, Debbie on the run.

Slam went the bathroom door.

Mom came home later, I probably spilled the beans immediately, as I did with most things in those days. My nick name was, “The informer.” So people, it really wasn’t my fault.

And the jeans, well, they were Über cool, or perhaps we thought they were.

This was Debbie’s attempt at a d.i.y. before it became, “a thing,” to share via Pinterest, Tweet, Instagram or Facebook. Bleaching your own jeans in 1990 was pretty fantastic. Especially when the parents are out of the house. Good thing the carpet was beige. The spot was barely noticeable, but I still found it every time I sunk my toes into the carpet on that top step.

I don’t know, you’ll have to weigh in on them Debbie, but I am pretty sure they were fabulous pants.

Bleach on, I mean sparkle on, whoops. I love you. 🙂


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