“Grease is the word…”

I will always remember the first time I saw this movie. Or…rather movie-musical. These moments stick in my brain like gum to side-walk, they just won’t let go. Perhaps I’m just drawn to story telling of all kind, and hence my love for musical theatre.

The first time I saw Grease was the summer after Debbie’s second year at college. The summer of 1993 I was so excited to have Debbie home. We got to breathe the same air, she could drive us to run errands, and more importantly cart me around with her on the weekends, YAY! What memories… I was thrilled, I’m sure it was stellar for her to have her eight year old sibling with her when she was home for summer break.

The movie adventure began when we were sitting at the table discussing something or other and Debbie was reading the usual funnies as we call them in our house, or i.e. comics.  She skimmed the movie section of the paper and said, “Oh the Diamond Center is showing Grease! I love that movie.” I promptly replied, “Grease?! What’s THAT…what a weird title for a movie.”

Long sister stare transpires.

“I’m taking you to see it, that’s that.”

I can see the title credits rolling before my eyes even now, the overture tune playing, those blaring horns, “Dahhhhhhhhh nuh nuh nuh… Grease is the word, have you heard…bop bop bop bop….” Needless to say, I loved it. I soon became obsessed with all things 1950-60’s the next year. My music education from those decades later came from my parents.

Dad taught me how to jitterbug on our rug in the family room and my cassette tape of the classic 1950-1960’s playing through the stereo.

Debbie’s poodle skirt would later make an entry into my 8th grade Halloween costume. It’s hanging in a closet somewhere…I think our nieces now enjoy those delightful costumes I wore and Debbie before me.  Thank you mom for supplying amazing opportunities for creative play.

I’m so glad that my first memory of a big screen movie musical was shared with my big sis. We have watched and re-watched MANY Hollywood musicals, but this one stays emblazoned in my memory bank.

Strike a pose today from Grease Debbie! I love you! 🙂

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