“Rescue Rangers!” Day 12

Alright, raise your hand if you recognized the title?  This is the title of a well known story from the ’90’s involving: Two tiny white mice, a crazy seagull/bird, an orphaned child, a crazy lady who could be Cruella Deville’s sister and a rescue mission with a giant diamond encased in a skull!  Phew! If you guessed right, here is your gold star *!

This large story book was given to me by none other than, my sister.

I remember it as if it were yesterday, I was surrounded big pillows, propped up in mom and dad’s bed re-watching Alice and Wonderland on vhs for the thirtieth time, covered head to toe in chicken pox. “Don’t scratch!” Debbie snapped at me….”BUT IT ITCHESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” I growled. Ugh….chicken pox. If I didn’t think I would die from the bumps I was surely going to drown in the bath of oatmeal as a result of said pox. Damn those little bumps.

She was adamant I wasn’t going to have crazy scars all over my face. She helped out by rubber banding on thin gloves to my hands each night for a week. “That way, you won’t pull them off in the night,” she told me as she helped tuck me in.

I love you too, and thanks.

rachel little girl

I only have two tiny scars that are so difficult to identify, so you were right Debbie, your glove technique worked.

Where does this whole, “Rescue Rangers,” fit in you might be wondering…well here it comes…

Back to the pillows and tv.

Debbie came in and sat down on the bed next to me. She showed me my school picture from the year prior and promptly stated, “You’ll look like this again in no time! And in the mean time, here, you can look at this book and I’ll help you read it.” She pulled the big picture book out from behind her back and laid it down next to me.

I loved that book, I loved the movie, I watched it many times. I also enjoyed, “The Rescuers Down Under,” aka the story continues in Australia.

Who knew that all these years later children do not have to endure the trials and tribulations of chicken pox any longer. To be deprived of such an awful experience… 😉 I’m so glad that Declan didn’t have to go through it! Although, my memories of it are far better than many children’s. Especially having a mom who looked into alternative options to help ease the pains, and a sister who began her library lending early on. Who knew you were becoming an early literacy advocate with your sister as your first student?! I’m proud to have been your first kid to provide good fit books for!  Thanks for being there for me.

I love you! 🙂 xoxo


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