Science Fiction man….Day 13

Nowadays it’s this type of lit that is all the rage: Dystopian literature, which is merely a shoot on the literary tree of options, branching off from what is known as science fiction.

If you know my sister than you know that she loves to read. She is the biggest advocate of children’s literature, and getting kids to read anything and everything that they are interested in. We both get this from our mom, who instilled in each of us a love for learning and reading.

One thing I distinctly remember about my childhood was my sister’s tiny paper back books. She would devour a whole series in a matter of a few days. She always had a book with her. When we went to dinner, drove in the car to and from Sunday school, ate breakfast, helping me get dressed, books, books, books and nothing but books.

On her first day of middle school she walked the icy morning route to the bus stop. Little did she know that she would meet her life long friend on that bus. They bonded over sci-fi lit and have been best friend’s ever since.

Here’s the thing about Sheli, this friend I’ve described, she’s amazing. Hands down. A-mazing.  She was considered our adopted daughter/sister of our little family. I loved her to pieces and I can still hear her laugh to this day. I smile just thinking about it.

She and Debbie would go to these Star Trek viewings at a friend’s house. Ohhhh, as if I really even understood what the whole deal was in the first place?! But my understanding was this: they had an amazing kinship and it was rooted in a mutual love of literature.

I could ramble on about my observations, and memories of those two, but I think that’s Debbie’s story to tell at a later date. Although I will say this. One thing I loved about the two of them was their amazing ability to share laughter with one another. Oh, and especially the dance moves to Madonna’s, “White Heat.”

Now, I recently requested a revival of this dance when Sheli was in H.K. She politely declined, HOWEVER, I was really looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll have to make that happen at Diva Den then? I’ll look into that and leave you on a cliff hanger until next time. 🙂

Just remember, you’re new best friend could be reading or have read that novel in your purse! Open a book up, you never know what it might lead you to!  I love you Debbie, and I know you’ll open a book or two today!



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