Prom night y’all Day 17

(Seriously, as a preface to this blog. I had to go back and look into what day we’re on here dear sister. THAT’s a great sign! 🙂 I lost count!)

“Now I’ve, had the time of my life, and I owe it all to youuuuuuuuuuu…..” 

Flash into the light of the camera’s focus, pink taffeta and a group dance move, sashay and swoosh….oh yeah and Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray, what’s NOT to love about that movie, eh? I know how you feel about this flick Debbie, one of your all time favorites! I think I still have the copy of the VHS tape you made with Mannequin and Dirty Dancing double feature. Classic movies that we LOVE!

Speaking of dancing, and movies… shall we reflect upon your epic night in high school?

I wish I had that collaged box I made for you YEARS ago with the most fantastic photograph of you in your red prom dress with the giant bow. It’s amazing.

Although I did not go to my own prom, I did attend morp with a friend. Like you sister, good friends equal the best dates. No pressure, just fun, and silliness. HOWEVER, I wore my brides maid dress as my special attire for the evening. HA! Yes, bridesmaid’s dress. And since I am the keeper of such eternal costumes, we could take a walk down memory lane when you return and parade around the house in these threads if we so desired…I think the nephew might find it hilarious! 😉

I remember mom shopping for your dress at Nordstroms with I believe Roxanne or Donna. (May Roxanne’s her memory be a blessing. Her style was impeccable and FABulous. Always matching, always perfumed, immaculate, and glossy. I smile thinking about her. ) I digressed.

Back to the dress.

Mom came home with this beautiful gown all packaged up in a fancy bag and hanger to go. I, being ever so curious, tried to peak without tearing the plastic. HA! Stealthiness and six year olds do not go hand in hand.

However,  your sweet sixteen year old self was impeccable. Your long newly highlighted blonde coiffure all puffed up with a pretty bow. Black stockings, black heels, black gloves, yes gloves, and the bow. Ok now, the bow is something we need to take a pause for and discuss. The bow was more than a mere ruffle. It accentuated the derriere just slightly above the peplum layer. The diamond encrusted center completed the fabulous 1991 look. A true bustle for that new decade!

Photo on 2-9-15 at 5.54 PM

I don’t know what magazines were popular back then, that was way beyond my ability levels, but as far as I was concerned, you looked like a princess and absolutely perfect.

My other favorite prom memory was when you called home part way through the evening. Mom answered and couldn’t help but chuckle when she got off the phone. Apparently receiving help getting INTO said dress was all fine and dandy, but when you needed to use the restroom, things became quite complicated. Mom suggested to TAKE OFF the dress and then go about your BUSIness. Bahahahahaa, I laugh thinking about it. We’ve all been there ladies! The moment of true occurs when you self talk the following, “Oh wait, how do I….ummmm….let’s see….no wait, that’s not going to work….Oh the hell with it, I’m taking it off!”

On that note. May your dressing today be as flawless as your images in those photographs. I love you! Have a sparkly fantastic Tuesday in H.K.! xoxo, your adoring little sister and fan.

Photo on 2-9-15 at 5.54 PM #2  Photo on 2-9-15 at 5.53 PM

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