Boing boing blonde Day 17

“Hey (hey)
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations, no (hey)
I am not my hair
I am not this skin
I am the soul that lives within”

-India Arie

Grooving to her song for the first time in the mid-2000’s I always felt a kinship with her words. Why is that we are so deeply connected to hair ladies? I do realize our hair is part of our physical characteristics, attributes, and identity of our selves. Although, for women it can often take on this higher power of how we view ourselves. I remember getting a random hair cut before the 5th grade school pictures. “Wahhhhh wahhhh,” moment early on in life. It was the beginning of the brick cell phone age and the hairstylist was pre-occupied with his telephone call.  A few snips too many later, my bangs were two inches from my hair line, or so it felt like. My poor self circa age 11 was traumatized. “Oh the horror…” 🙂  Mom solved it like any hair issue should be solved, she pulled out a bow with fun twisty colored tendrils and clipped it into my half up and half down ‘do. Easy fix, except for…my forehead was cold for a few weeks.

I know I already wrote about your hair crisis with the hair dryer, but I have one other favorite hair memory for you Debbie. It took place in the basement of Charlene’s beauty parlor. I had been playing upstairs after getting a quick hair trim.  I meandered down stairs into the  beauty parlor and you turned around in the swivel chair. You had this crazy nude colored hair cap on with a few long strands of hair pulled through. Here’s a photo to set the idea in place…


This was the 90’s version of highlighting hair folks. Enter…the cap.

Now, how many of you got your hair colored this way? One strand of hair crotched through at a time? Oh my well…needless to say, I went into a sheer fit of giggles that lasted until you gave me a look as if to say, “You can either get out or shut up, or I’m going to shut you up …” 😉 I had such a way of being endearing, I KNOW…  insert eye roll here: <  …. >

Hours later… you emerged a new lady, with bouncy, boinging curls. Delicately highlighted brown hair with blonde streaked through your hair for all to see. I’m pretty sure you loved it for the first while, but I don’t remember if you ever tired of it. I thought it looked amazing of course. As anything that you did, I considered pretty much the end all be all of cool!  I’m pretty sure I asked if I could get high lights and the response was when you’re Debbie’s age then: yes.

I hate to admit it online, but ok it’s fine to be honest here: I’ve never highlighted or dyed my hair.  I have been considering trying some fun color, but then I always feel like, ehhhhh, no thanks, I’m finicky and will get bored of it.

Who knows…maybe when you come back we could have a little box of color hair dye par-TAY. 😉 Could we dye the little guy’s hair a fun color too? Maybe some blue streaks??? heheeheeee. Maybe not.

Next time you want to try out a color, remember to throw on the blue or pink style from me! Sparkle on sister. I love you! Have a fantastic day! xoxo.


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