December 12, 2006 Day 22 and counting!

My nephew’s birthday was and is still one of the most impactful days of my life. I had never before had a sibling give birth. I was beyond ecstatic to become an Auntie. Every moment I have the opportunity to share with him is a gift. I love him to pieces.


I fondly remember you telling me a secret all those years ago sister. You had told me that after visiting Europe, Doug and yourself were thinking about trying to have a baby. I was listening well you see. I knew….

Andy and I walked into mom and dad’s house that evening and I knew. I saw you sitting with Doug on the couch. You said, “We have some news that we want to share with all of you together. I’m pregnant!” Oooooooooh the elation I felt was something surreal. A BABY! I love babies!!!

Your pregnancy was not an easy one indeed. From the physical challenges you faced to our last remaining Grandfather passing away the Fall before his birth, it was a rough go indeed.  You held steady to the fact that the baby boy was healthy and growing strong. Feeling Declan’s little kicks was something else too. A moment to remember fondly for all these years. As the days of anticipation grew closer to December you and Doug prepped and prepped all that you could. I remember getting a call from you about being at the hospital, something was going on with how you were feeling that day … the moment of truth came when you couldn’t leave, you were admitted and induced for labor!

The running around commenced…

I ran over to your house and gathered things from your emergency bag, snuggled with Dulcie and met you both at the hospital that evening. I can still see you walking around a bit and that tight smile and I thought to myself, “It’s time to go…” Hours later, the phone rang again and he had arrived.

Andy and I drove to you three immediately.  Declan was only the second infant Andy had ever held. I think what struck me the most was seeing his tiny little face and body all swaddled up like a little glow-worm doll. His diapers were so small and delicate. It’s hard to imagine that he’s now nine years old.

Every curl, every cry, and every blast of laughter from your boy is a special gift to share. I love him ever so. He’s a riot and talker all rolled into one. His spirit and inquisitive nature is a demonstration of both your love and creativity throughout the years. He brings joy to so many people and gives love to others freely. Go give him a hug from me now please! I can’t wait to play monopoly, tell him jokes, and play this summer! He’s my favorite little guy to hang out with!! Have a wonderful day and channel his loving spirit in treatment. xoxo.


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