Obsessions of the 80’s and early 90’s through the present 2000’s because of you…. Day 21

Here is a list of inherited obsessions you originated and I carefully crafted after you:

(Well most of them that is! Thank you very much dear sister.)

  1. The color red, it looks good on both of us, what can I say?
  2. Lips: it started with that pink lip phone, continued onto any clothing, lipstick, purse, or shoe with a lip print. In fact I purchased lip blocked shoes in HK with you! haha!
  3. Hedgehogs: Now THIS is your obsession alone, but I indulge and purchase items for you of any hedgehog relate-ability.
  4. Dolphins: Another copy. “What your favorite animal Rachel?” “Dolphin!” “Why is that?” “Well….it’s my sister’s too!” (Insert giant grin here. 🙂 lol.) circa age 8-11.
  5. Red backpacks: I owned say, 3 of them, I think there is one buried in the closet some where. Shhh, don’t tell.
  6. Jeans: Me=bell bottoms, You=tapered leg, we both love jeans, what more can I say?!
  7. Socks: Mom started it. End scene.
  8. Drawing symbols after I sign my name on any letter to family or friend. I must insert the following: a heart, Star of David, music note, smiley face, flower, and sometimes a tear drop.
  9. Stickers: see previous blog if feeling confused.
  10. Judy Blume: Thank you mom!
  11. Laura Ingles Wilder: Thank you mom, x3!
  12. All of a Kind Family: Thank you mom, x4!
  13. Noel Streatfeild: T.Y.M.!x5!
  14. Swing dancing: copied beginning in 1998, took lessons for two years with friends at a Fred Astaire studio along with some tango and ballroom; then 1999, seeing you dance at the Crystal and Andy too, who knew?! 🙂
  15. Thai food: thank you, I like it very much now…. Not the first time in 1995, but what can I say, crocodile tears were real with those hot pepper flakes in that soup!
  16. Piano: TYM and Dad x6.
  17. Driving: That was all you in 2002, thank you for being EVER so patient and teaching me. I check all three mirrors EVERY time I switch lanes and back up, 2x’s.
  18. Portland: All you. ❤
  19. Sign Language: I ❤ you.
  20. Blue, turquoise, and anything boutique-y type of fabric.
  21. Saying, “Groovy!” When I really mean cool.
  22. Not saying,”Like, or sorry,” and paying close attention to when I slip back into previous language habits, thank you for this keen eye to detail.
  23. Learning how to use iPads, technology, and other varieties of this nature.
  24. Introducing me to the one and only, Sarah McLachlan.
  25. Seeing Savage Garden as my first concert in Seattle. Trying to win tickets to it while visiting you in Vancouver with Mom and Laurie and her kiddos. 🙂
  26. Learning how to navigate traffic on any given bridge and maintain speed. This goes along with #17. As well as knowing how to change: radio, cd, brake, gears, and air-conditioning without taking my eyes OFF of the road.
  27. Circumnavigating the world of resumes, cover letters, and interviews with practice and an editors eye.
  28. Being brave enough to start a blog, case in point.
  29. Airedales: all things airedales, all the time, and bringing Ari into my life in 1994. Eternally grateful for this and my furry faced best friend for 14 years.
  30. Anything sister related goes without saying: I love because of you!

The list could quite possibly continue on and on, however I felt that capping it was necessary for this occasion. Just know how grateful I am to you for sharing so many wonderful things over the years. I am eternally indebted to my big sister for sharing her loves in life and her love in general!  Have a stellar major day! xoxo.


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