Sparkles for Nathalie

When you hear about another human who has lost their battle with this life, whom you knew or who touched your soul, it’s hard not to feel shaken to your very core.

Life’s fragile grasp upon us becomes acutely aware in moments like today. There is something to be said about stopping and really finding yourself present in the current moment that you behold.

I’m working on stopping and considering the following:  What is it about this moment that I can take pleasure in? What can I be grateful for right now?  Breathe, feel your muscles relax, center yourself within your body, and release. I’m often left feeling: Gratitude.

This young woman who lost her race against time and the curses of cancer is absolutely a fighter and always will be. She pushed, she learned, she created, and she challenged every hurdle laid out before her. Nathalie Traller will live on in her community, and the journey she set forth to succeed in. Life is not over once your physical capabilities are no longer an option.

I wrote about symbols in my last post and I feel that there is something more to be said in regards to that concept.

The next time you see a concrete pathway, take yourself on a walk, a walk to revel in the fact that you can take a walk and appreciate your legs, your lungs, and your physical being. Sidewalks, a symbol, a symbol for Nathalie and her community who walked with her this year.

Take a look up at the sky and gaze at the clouds over head. Those clouds behold something unique unto your eyes only. Take it in. Take it all in. For Nathalie, for all those who wish they could see, and for yourself.

Grasp the sense of gratitude for life’s simplicities, life’s challenges, all the aches, the pains, the joys, the smiles and the laughs.

Be gracious, be kind, and be a true human being friends.

Sparkle on. You’ll always sparkle Nathalie.

Always. ❤

Sky photo

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