Ladybugs and Paper Cranes

These symbols with which we draw inspiration also bring us hope.

Talking tonight with my beloved sister I was drawn to the idea of symbolism and how it is the fact that reminders help us as humans to retrain our minds. We need these reminders, these symbols to push us onto that pathway of positive thinking.

It is funny how the very essence of our every choice, and being is what propels us further each day. It is these actions of THINKING or not choosing to truly engage with our core of thought that can help or harm us.

“What is in a thought, truly?”

So many tangled webs, free flowing strands, and bits of light that shine through, can  then lead us towards a pathway abound with opportunity.

I too fall prey to the web of disarrayed thoughts. When I take the time to meditate, to focus on the symbolism I choose, and the beautiful things in life, I feel myself becoming whole once again.

Working in meditation on a daily basis, is my goal for October. Take a few minutes for yourself each day, see how you feel, see where your mind and your thoughts take you.

Sparkle on friends.


3 thoughts on “Ladybugs and Paper Cranes

  1. Hello, lady! I am in complete agreement with you on the necessity of allowing symbols to inspire and motivate us. I find symbolism in practically everything, and believe that there are messages meant for us happening all of the time. It’s simply all about slowing down and being aware, isn’t it? Good luck with your meditation challenge! I’m working on the same! xo

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    1. Liz,
      Thank you! 🙂 It helps to really slow yourself down and BREATHE! I stop myself daily and think about that before entering my classroom to teach every day. I also stop and say BREATHE to my students. We’re working on mindfulness and focusing our breath too. 🙂

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      1. I think it is fantastic that you are sharing the value of taking a moment with your students. It is so vital to personal fulfillment and harmony and with the world seemingly speeding up exponentially, moment after moment so much opportunity is being lost!

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