Three Clicks

Amazing woman, wonderful journey, can’t wait to see you! 😀

Manhattan According to Mo

Search. Click.
Select a flight. Click.
Purchase. Click.

It only takes 3 clicks of a computer mouse to take you anywhere in the world.  But according to Dorothy it only takes 3 clicks of the heels to take you home.

There is something about home that is always more accessible.  There are the obvious reasons: a place to stay, people that you have known forever, familiarity with the territory.  Yet I think what makes home like no other place in the world is the comfort of knowing you can always return.  No matter where you are in your life journey, home will always be there.

But what is home? Is it a physical place? Is it people in that physical place? Is it where you live geographically? All of the above?
It is difficult to pinpoint what makes a place home.

For me, home has always been Portland. The…

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